Sunday, October 25, 2009

FHE- Halloween Style

We made haunted graham cracker houses for Family Home Evening. One of my bestest friends bought everything I needed for it and gave it it me. So nice!!! And then later that night when we were making them, she realized that the generic brand graham crackers she had bought for us were not going to work. She sent her husband back to the store to buy the tried and true Honey Maid brand of crackers and he brought some to our house too. My kids thought I was the best mom and had a great night. Thanks to Amy! Love ya!
John's house- he took great pride in the fact that his looked the best.

Jacey with her house
And Jaden. Jackson didn't make one. He went to bed at 7:00 that night (yay!) and I spent my time trying to help the kids build their structure.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Student of the Month

Jaden was awarded Student of the Month for September. First one of the year! Good job! Jaden continues to be an awesome student and excels in every way. Short video of the principal talking about him.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Away

We managed to get a quick night away last weekend. John and I went to Disneyland all day Friday. No pictures were taken. After carrying around a heavy backpack for two days with the kids, I didn't want to carry ANYTHING. And I didn't. Not even a camera. It was so wonderful. Saturday morning we woke up and went the LA temple. After that we ate on the Santa Monica Pier and managed to take a couple of pictures. We had such a great time and I hope it happens again soon.

The Fair

We told the kids we weren't going to the Great Kern County Fair this year since we spent so much money at Disneyland, but John got some free tickets and we decided to use them. Jared didn't want to go and called Grandma to see if he could go over there while we went. Silly boy!
We ate some yummy fair food and saw the sites. The only pictures I managed to take were of Jacey and Jackson before the pig races.

Later that night. Wanted to get John's nice beard. Can you say, "yuck!" He has been growing his beard since school started because he is in our Stake play. The play takes place in New Testament time, so the men are suppose to be realistic looking. Can't WAIT for the play to be over, so he can shave that thing off! Three more weeks!!


In September I took Jacey, Jaden and Jared to Disneyland for 2 days. My dad was attending a conference in Anaheim, so we crashed at his hotel room. My nice NICE friends watched Jackson while John was at work. So wonderful to not cart him around too. We had a great time even though Anaheim had record heat the two days we were there. 98 degrees one day and 103 the next. Can you believe that?? Plus I had a cold, but other than that. :)
Grandma was with us on the first day and she and Jacey stood in line for TWO hours to meet 3 princesses. Crazy! Jacey had about had it by the end, but she stuck it out and was happy to meet them. I guess you're suppose to take your kid to get a $200 makeover while you're waiting. Yeah right.

Belle and Jacey

Sleeping Beauty
Snow White

Jared and Jaden on Dumbo
Grandma with the kids
Jared was excited to go on stage for the Jedi Training. Jaden wanted nothing to do with it. Way to shy!

Fighting Darth Mal
The nice thing about the first day is that there were two adults and we could split up. I took Jacey to the Tiki Room- which Jared and Jaden DID NOT want to do.
Jaden got a snake for his souvenir.

We were excited to ride Small World since it was closed the last time we were there.

They were wiped out the first day. Luckily we took the ART and it took us right to the front of the hotel.

The next day was so dang HOT! I made Jared and Jaden go on the carousel with Jacey (I hate spinning rides.) Don't they look happy about it?

Jacey and Mulan

Jacey with Pluto-- Pluto threw a fit after this picture was taken and made Jaden take another picture with him in it.
Pluto got what he wanted.
Because I was by myself, everyone had to do everything together. Jared and Jaden were not happy about going to Playhouse live. I thought it would be a nice break from the heat. Jaden didn't fool me though. Look at the fun he is having. :)

Toon town- one nice thing about the heat was the park wasn't too crowded. Southern Cal residents probably opted to stay home on such a hot day.

Jacey and Minnie. We love Disneyland. In fact, we ended up buying Southern Cal annual passes. John and I have been back by ourselves. So much fun!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Clarks!!

We were so excited my cousin Katie and family decided to drive out of their way from Anaheim to Bakersfield for a quick too quick visit on their way home to Boise. We haven't seen each other in 3 years!! So sad.
Katie with the kiddos.

Had to slip this one in--Jaden playing soccer. We all went to the park to watch him that night.

Katie and my mom
Hethe, Grandpa and Jackson
Jacey and Hayden like each other so well. Jacey took Hayden right to the girl toys. They had so much fun together.
Jacey adores Hayden.
This is Noah. He is SOOO smart. He is only two months older than Jackson but was talking in complete sentences with unbelievable vocabulary. It was freaky. I'm used to Jackson's babbling.

Hayden, Jacey and Jaden
Katie and Noah
We're so glad that we got to see them. I hope it's not 3 years before he see them again!