Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy First Birthday Jackson!!

My baby is ONE today! And just in time for the big day, he is finally pulling up. My kids are all a little slow in the gross motor development area, so this is major!!! We had a good day celebrating Jackson's birthday. Jared and Jaden spent the night before decorating our livingroom with tons of crepe paper.
Happy Birthday Boy

Opening presents-- not real interested in the presents. More interested in the paper and the batteries.

Call me crazy, but I've never let any of our kids destroy a whole cake before. I've always just given them a piece of cake. This one was a freebie from Albertsons. It was fun to watch, even if it was a little painful.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School

It's back to school here in these parts. Jared and Jaden started school on Monday. They were both pretty neutral about going back. I have been enjoying the quieter day but have to admit, I kind of miss them. Jared is in 4th and Jaden is in 1st. Jacey starts preschool after Labor Day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trip to Utah- Week 2

We spent most of the second week in Utah in Provo. We got to stay at the top of this building in downtown Provo. It was awesome! It felt like we were far away in a different town -- like we were really on vacation in some new place like downtown Manhattan.

The view from one of the bedrooms

Jacey enjoying a bubble bath
Karissa got married on August 14, 2008. This was right before we went to the temple -- her first time!
Brooke, Karissa, and my cousin Denice

The happy couple before their endowment

We had lots of fun relaxing at the Roneys. They were so nice to us and we got to visit and the kids got lots of play time in with their kids.
Jacey saying, "This is the life."

Jared and Ariana
Going down the slide
Jaden going off the diving board. He has become quite the swimmer this year. So nice.

The amazing view from the pool.
John and Jaden
Jaden getting thrown
Funny Karson. He walked around like this -- with all the goggles on him -- for a while.

We have to take our tradional trip to BYU. In the Cougar Eatery.

Jared says- "They have ice cream at college??? Cool! I'm going to college."
We have to stop at the BYU Barber for haircuts.

We always take a picture here in front of the library.
Here's the shot from 2 years ago.
And Now

Playing with 2nd cousins
Out to dinner at Chuck-a-Rama -- Karson
Jackson -- happy boy
Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Rich
Wedding day -- just out of the temple
Karissa and Mik
The other happy couple
Hanging out during the pictures
More hanging out -- Look how tall Kody is!!
Karissa and Mik at the luncheon -- I love this picture
Kody with Apple -- the bride and groom's baby
At the reception
Jackson enjoying a waffle cone

This water looks so neat.
Jaden lost his first tooth while we were gone.

The tooth fairy brought him $3.
We were supposed to make one more stop in Cedar City to spend the night with some friends in a cabin, but it didn't happen. We had a great time, but we were so exhausted. Our patience was wearing thin and everyone was getting grumpy, so we skipped that last part. Darn. This picture is of John and Jacey on the side of the road in the Mojave Desert. Jacey insisted she had to go to the bathroom, so he pulled her out of the overflowing-with-stuff van and stood out in the heat, but she wouldn't go.
Does he look frustrated and ready to get home?
This little boy was such a good traveler. Other older kids -- whose names I won't mention -- cried way more than this one. We came home with one day to get ready before school started. We need a vacation from our vacation -- just parents though this time. :)