Monday, March 23, 2009

Her Name is Lola

It's time for a puppy post! We brought home our puppy last weekend. What can I say about it? We named her Lola and she is 1/2 Lab and 1/2 Australian Shepherd. She weighs 16 pounds already. She is cute and has been pretty good with the kids. The first two nights were pretty rough. She cried and whined a lot! Last night she did pretty great- waking up at about 1:30PM and then again at 6:30 AM. I think that's pretty good for a 9 week old!
playing in the yard

having a hard time getting a front head shot

before she came home- playing puppy
It's been hard trying to keep Jackson out of the crate!

Nap timeIt's an adjustment for me to have one more thing to take care of and I am doing my best to keep a positive attitude. I have been reading lots of websites and the book The Loved Dog (thanks again Jeanette!) It's an adventure.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


We got a Wii Fit last weekend and have been so enjoying it. I highly recommend one. So much fun!!
Jared sweating after hula hooping 15 minutes straight.
Jacey always posing
Jacey and Jackson
Crazy man Jackson
This is where you can find Jackson if he discovers somone is in the bathtub and it's not him!

Trying to break down the door.

Going on a 15 minute tantrum.

Poor baby! He got a bath later that day.

Jaden stayed home from school 2 days this week with a cold and a fever. He found ways to entertain Jackson.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding at the Beach

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted anything on here. Nothing much has been going on I guess. I did have some pictures of Jared getting his Bear Cub Scout award, but my camera with those pictures on it is broken. We bought a new camera and headed to Pismo Beach last weekend for my childhood friend Kym's wedding. We had SUCH a GREAT time! It was the first time in 2 years that we had a getaway without the kids and it was WONDERFUL!
Here we are at Splash Cafe- a must eat cafe in Pismo.

The wedding was gorgeous- it was held on a cliff at the Shore Cliff Lodge.

Mr and Mrs. Brent Hoffman
The wedding was held on this cliff.

It was a little windy

The reception- lots of fun
Me and the new Kym Hoffman

Me and Kym's roommate from Seattle, Krista. I stayed with them 7 and 1/2 years ago on a weekend visit.

Sunset- not a great picture of me--hair was getting kind of plastered.

The money dance!
The view from our room. We got there Friday afternoon and had a nice dinner at McClintocks. Then we went to the movies. So nice not to rush back to relieve the babysitter.

Another view
On the way home, we stopped by Morro Bay and had more fish and more clam chowder. We also got some yummy smoked salmon to take home.

Watching the seals- this one was BIG!
swimming around
It was an awesome weekend! I am ready to go back again this weekend! :)