Friday, September 11, 2009

Summer Beach Trip #3

We went on one last summer beach trip in August to Carpinteria with John's mom and Sister Lisa and family. We had such a good time. Our kids love each other and we love spending time together.
Jackson in the sand. We didn't have much sun there, but the kids still enjoyed the water. The Utah cousins had to set the example in order for our kids to get in the ocean.

Adam tried skim boarding- here he is falling off!
The girls chatted it up.

Jackson made a break through on the 3rd summer beach trip and got his feet wet.
Jacey loves Emma!
Adam the artist made a mickey mouse sand design.
We ventured to Santa Barbara one day in search of the sun. We toured the Mission there. Nice picture op outside the mission. Kind of weird. John took advantage.
This was neat for Jared because he had studied the California missions in 4th grade.
Beautiful Mission- Emma, Isaac, Ethan, Jared
Next, we decided to visit the Natural History Museum
They had a really cool display- Butterflies Alive! We got to go in an outdoor atrium and walk around with the butterflies. Hundreds of butterflies flying around right next to us.
John went around trying to capture a blue one on camera.

Jacey watching a butterfly eat some fruit

Bonnie, Lisa

Jaden's reaction after one landed on him.
John got a couple to land on his fingers.

The mission through the trees at the museum.

We did find sun in Santa Barbara- we went on a walk at the wharf.

Adam and Lisa
Hanging out in our motel room- Jackson loved Emma.

Another beach day- We drove south a little to Rincon beach. They played with these "houses."
Jared finally tried boogie boarding and loved it. Jaden liked it too.

Those kids were out there for hours and hours.
Jared and Jaden

They got Grandma to sit in the house.

Jacey, Jackson, Noah

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Beach Trip #2

We went to Pismo Beach in August with my family. It was so nice being at the coast. I was a little disappointed that it was basically overcast the whole time, but it's hard to complain when we were escaping the intense heat of a Bakersfield summer.
Within the first few minutes of arriving, Jacey and Jaden start spraying themselves with this hose. Nice.

Down the long staircase to the beach. It was fun lugging Jackson up and down these stairs.

Jaden cold and regretting his decision to soak himself first thing with the hose.
Jared, Jacey and Morgan

Jacey and Jared climbing the cliffs- have to enlarge to really see them.
I can understand Jared doing this, but Jacey is crazy. She wants to do everything the boys are doing. Makes me nervous.
Coming down.
Almost down.
Our hotel
Splash Cafe- had to eat outside-no room for our big group.

The nice thing about the hotel was that it had grounds for the kids to run and play. We were on the first floor, so we just had to walk out the sliding door and the kids could play.
Jacey and Morgan
Nice view
Jackson and Kaylee
Our Family
The ocean is freezing!!

Jared is missing this day- He decided to go tour the San Luis Obispo mission with Grandma and Grandpa
Don't know what he's doing here
To motivate the kids to read and write this summer we had an incentive chart. Every 10 stars they would get to do something. Going to a waterpark was for 30 stars. They could go up to 50 stars but they stopped at 30. We ran out of summer. On our last day, we stopped in Paso Robles to go this waterpark. Grandma and Grandpa took Jackson home with them. This is Jared on the Toilet Bowl slide.
Cute girl got SO tan this summer.
Jared had a great time!
John had fun too.
And there's me.