Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Milestone

So on our way to the vacation mentioned previously, we encountered an accident with this little guy. We decided to stay in a classic best western space age lodge in a tiny po-dunk town somewhere in the middle of Arizona on our way to Mexico. We got to the town and happily went for a walk and even found a tiny history of the town museum to look through. We then decided to grab a bite to eat. We found a pizza place and just as we were finishing eating, Jackson fell off his chair and hit the ground. As soon as I pulled him up, I knew we had a problem-- lots of blood and a gaping gash just above the eye. Unfortunately we were over an hour away from the nearest hospital in Phoenix. So John and Jackson made the evening trek to Phoenix and got him stitched up. 7 stitches. Poor guy. They made it back to the motel around midnight. These are the first stitches that any of our kids have had to have. We have very cautious children. The following are some pics to chronicle the night.
He was so good. Just lied there reading books.

We found some waterproof bandages and he was fine until a doctor at the resort in Mexico took the stitches out 5 days later.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where has the time gone

I cannot believe it's been 4 months since I've put anything on here. So much has happened and it has been pretty much a blur. I'm not sure whether to go back where I left off or just move on from here. We had fun trips this summer to the beach, Idaho and Mexico. School started. Awards have been awarded. Jackson was potty trained and started preschool. I always said I would throw a big diaper free party when he was potty trained. Over 11 years of changing diapers over. But a big surprise was on its way. One more baby to join our family. Guess the diaper free party will have to wait. In the are a few pictures of our fab vacation to Mexico.
Somewhere near the Mexico/Arizona border. It was HOT and we were waiting to meet up with our good friends to cross the border.

Our beautiful resort. We seriously had so much fun! It was great to do something different.

We basically hung out in the water the whole time!

We ventured into the town of Puerto Penasco one day to eat and shop and ride four wheelers.

Our nice dirt floor restaurant.
Grocery shopping in Mexico!

Our hotel- so much fun!!

It was a great vacation. (Did I say that already?) Thanks to our great friends, the Gabbitas', for inviting us.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jaden's Baptism

Jaden was baptized last weekend! He was super excited about it!
He is such a good boy--focused and a bit intense. He strives to do what's right and is our little rule enforcer. He impressed us by reading the Book of Mormon on his own before his 8th birthday!

Can't seem to get a good family shot.

We went to Mauricio's after to celebrate! Jared made his bendy stick thingies into Harry Potter accessories.
Jacey and Morgan enjoyed spending time together.
So proud of you Jaden!!

Grandma and Cousins come to town!

Grandma and our favorite teenage girl cousins came into town last week for Jaden's baptism. We had such a good time! I love those girls!! I can't believe how grown they are. Saya was not even 2 when John and I got married and now she is 17! going into her last year of high school. Where does the time go??
We managed to take quick trip to Grandma's favorite spot--Carpinteria, CA. We had to eat at The Palms of course.Jacey wanted a picture of her and her daddy. Jaden jumped in at the last second.
She loves her daddy!
Jackson being his silly self.
Had to pose with Mickey Mouse while getting a tasty treat!
Love this picture!
We hung out at the beach ALL day long and everyone had a sunburn of some sort at day's end.

It was a super fun-filled 24 hours!

Jaden's a Cub Scout

Jaden turned the magical age of 8 and became a cub scout! He was so excited!!
He earned his bobcat in the first month!

Trip down South

We got in one last Disney trip before our passes blocked out for the summer. We spent the day with the Bousfields. Much fun! We met up with the Zumbrunnens too. Should've taken a picture of that.

Went on the canoes for the first time!

It was a little hot and crowded, but she was still havin fun.
We spent 3 nights with our friends the Zollingers. I so miss living 15 minutes from the beach. We went to one of our favorite spots--Seal Beach.

Jacey and Spencer helping a boy scout with his eagle project. We had a great time! Summer trips are off to a great start!