Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where has the time gone

I cannot believe it's been 4 months since I've put anything on here. So much has happened and it has been pretty much a blur. I'm not sure whether to go back where I left off or just move on from here. We had fun trips this summer to the beach, Idaho and Mexico. School started. Awards have been awarded. Jackson was potty trained and started preschool. I always said I would throw a big diaper free party when he was potty trained. Over 11 years of changing diapers over. But a big surprise was on its way. One more baby to join our family. Guess the diaper free party will have to wait. In the are a few pictures of our fab vacation to Mexico.
Somewhere near the Mexico/Arizona border. It was HOT and we were waiting to meet up with our good friends to cross the border.

Our beautiful resort. We seriously had so much fun! It was great to do something different.

We basically hung out in the water the whole time!

We ventured into the town of Puerto Penasco one day to eat and shop and ride four wheelers.

Our nice dirt floor restaurant.
Grocery shopping in Mexico!

Our hotel- so much fun!!

It was a great vacation. (Did I say that already?) Thanks to our great friends, the Gabbitas', for inviting us.


Renee said...

Beautiful photos-- looks like amazing memories made. Makes me long for hot sunny days by the pool again! Can't wait for baby to arrive...I wish you lived next door-- you would get plenty of naps while I sat and held him/her.. ;o)

Watsonville said...

It has been forever since you blogged anything. Life sure is busy but good to see you back on.