Wednesday, June 9, 2010

End of School--Par-tay!!!

I could blog about my failure to potty train my fourth child but I will stick to the last day of school for now.
My camera was broken on the first day of school, but I was able to capture the last day of school.

She loves them and they tolerate her. :)

Jared and his fifth grade teacher Mrs. Craley

I embarrassed Jared taking pictures of his classmates and him.
Jaden and his much loved 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Hudson
Jacey and her K teacher Mrs. Sewell
Jacey and her friend Paige

Brayden, Jacey and Paige
We are excited for summer and all of the fun things planned.
Yay For Summer Break!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day Three

No pictures. I forgot my camera that day. Boo!! And we did some new stuff like visit Tom Sawyer's Island and we met up with our friends, The Bousfields. I didn't get one picture from that day. But it lives in my memory. We got home really late that night and the kids had a great time waking up for school the next day. :) It was a fantastic vacation. Jackson is getting older and I can see fun family vacations ahead for us. Next stop: Pismo Beach and MEXICO!!

Day Two

Day two started off with California Adventure. John and Jackson took the slow security line so while we waited for them to catch up, we took pictures in the letters.

Taking a break.
Bug's Life

This little girl asked Jacey to hold her hand and they remained this way all during the ride.

He went on this at least 7 times. Lots of waiting time for others going on Screamin'. Loved every minute of it.

Likes to be silly too.

Saw a short line for a character. While Jackson LOVED Minnie and Mickey- Woody freaked him out.
Tower of Terror
We had a great 2nd day. We ended it a little early and went back to the hotel to meet our friends, the Zollingers, for dinner and swimming. Somehow I didn't get a picture of that. I did manage to get into the hot tub that night with my phone in my pocket!! Woops. Silver Lining--New iphone!

Day One

We went to Disneyland for 3 days a couple of weeks ago. This is the longest time we've ever spent there. We had a blast!! We spent 3 FULL days at the park. Everyone was super behaved, happy and in the mood to get along! Jackson loves small world!
Jared is going through a bunny ear stage I think.

Jacey is way braver than I was at her age and went on Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Matterhorn, Indiana Jones and Tower of Terror.
Snack time!

Tarzan's Treehouse

This little boy was SOOOO excited to see Minnie. If you look closely he is carrying a little Minnie dressed exactly like the Big Minnie!

Day one- A success!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy #8!! Jaden

Jaden turned 8 on May 23. He is super excited to be baptized in July! We decided to use our passes and make a trip to Disneyland. We arrived in Anaheim in the evening and went to celebrate Jaden's actual birthday at a yummy Mexican restaurant. We were all excitedly anticipating our next 3 days to be spent at Disney/

Happy Birthday Jaden! We Love You!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The River

This is the kind of fun that happens when you live near Nilssons. We got a last minute call on Memorial Day that more Nilssons were in town and that if we moved quickly, a trip down the Kern river would be had. John quickly grabbed Jared and Jaden and Jacey and off they went.
On the bus to the starting spot.
He's excited!!!
SO is he!
Jacey on the front of the raft.
Jacey at the front and cute Beckam at the back.
I want to go next time!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's a Milestone!

My mom celebrated her 60th Birthday this month! We were able to surprise her (kind of) and get all of the kids together.
We had dinner at The Belvedere in the Padre Hotel.

We went back to my parents house where we celebrated some more and watched a video montage of her life.

These cute girls are trouble!! I should have taken a better picture of it. but when we were out to dinner, they covered this playhouse in crayons--inside and out without the babysitters noticing. That was fun when John and I bought paint and primed and re-painted it. Grrrr.

Jared, ,Tyler and Jaden

Jacey and Joanna
My mom, sister, brother and me--the other brother had to leave early.
Happy Birthday MOM!!