Thursday, November 19, 2009

Disney Again

Last Friday, we managed to get out of town and visit Disneyland again! It was this little boy's first time and everyone was excited about it. We finally decided to bring him along after leaving him at home on previous trips. The kids discussed and planned for weeks about who would sit by Jackson on what ride. We went down on Thursday evening and stayed with our friends, the Zollingers, who were so nice to let us use them for a hotel. They are conveniently located just 10-15 minutes from Disneyland's main gates.

I managed to get the camera out a few times. Visiting Disneyland with our WHOLE family for the first time EVER was busy. But everyone did a great job!

Waiting for Dumbo

After all that ride position talk, Jackson mostly rode with John on everything. You can see the top of his head here.
Jaden rode by himself.
Great day!
Silly boys

Waiting for John after one of our split ups.
Jacey and Jackson- Jacey rode Splash Mountain for the first time. She was terrified but was very brave. I told her she had to pick one ride to go one that she hadn't been on before, and if she did it, I wouldn't bother her the rest of the day about going on the others. She chose Splash Mountain and we sat together in the back. Unfortunately, we were riding with a bunch of 20 year old boys who thought it was great to scream loudly the whole and time and have water fights. We hardly got wet on the ride, but I got soaked by the boys riding with us. I yelled, "STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" I think they felt bad. Good. When we came out of the ride, John had Tigger Tails for us!! YUM!!!
More posing
He was such a good boy and was not afraid of anything!
Jacey was thrilled to catch the whole HSM 3 performance. We walked by it when were there in September, but it was 103 degrees outside and there was no way I was sitting outside to watch it.
She was picked to go up and dance.
Jared and Jaden- Jaden went on Tower of Terror for the first time (twice!) and loved it.
Jared resting his legs at the parade.
Dancing in the streets before the parade
Waiting for mom and Jared to zoom by on California Screamin.
We were there on the first day of the Christmas decorations. Disney knows how to do it right. Missed getting a picture of the huge tree in the park though.
Finally tuckered out after a full day at the park. Waiting for the tram. Too bad this didn't last. He woke up when we put him in the car and screamed for an hour before falling back asleep. It was a great day though and we hope to do it again soon!!

Savior of the World

I am finally posting. It's been a month. John, Jaden and I had the wonderful opportunity to be in our stake's presentation of the Savior of the World. John had a main part--Cleopas--Jaden was a Micham's nephew, a temple boy and an angel, and I was in the Angel Chorus. It was a great experience and we had so much fun getting to know other members of our stake.
Jaden- a temple boy

Here I am in the choir loft singing with the angels.

John and his right hand man, Christopher Slaughter, singing a duet.
John and Chris

John did a great job!!

John with some of the apostles
Behind the scenes
Jaden had fun running around with Nate Krumm
The kids hanging out backstage
Angel Jaden
Jaden and Nate
John as angel and Christopher as Nephi- 1st Act
2nd Act- Cleopas and the disciple
John and Mark Williams--institute director
Us as angels
Jaden was so tired-we were at the Stake Center for 10+ hours on Saturday.
John decided to shave his beard the minute we walked in the door after the last performance. Let's face it. I was glad to see it gone too. He had it for over 3 months!

He took at least 10 years off--nice cuts on his neck. :)
We had such a great time; it was bittersweet when it was over!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Freak Accident!

On Saturday I asked all the of the kids to find some way to help me. Jacey decided to vacuum. She was happily manhandling the too big for her machine when I heard screaming and crying. I ran to her and found her holding her head. In all the hysterical-ness I manage to make out that she had bent down to look at something on the ground (a spider she thought) when her hair got sucked into the still going vacuum. A big chunk of her hair was ripped out. Poor girl. The remaining hair was all singed and our house smelled terrible--like burnt hair.
The culprit--next time unplug the vacuum before you investigate.

There was nothing to do but go get a haircut. We have to part it on the other side now to disguise the still shorter uneven hair on the left side of her head.

She's still so cute!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Yay! Halloween's over!!!! I am a mean mom and made my kids wear costumes we already had. I've been letting them buy them every other year and this was an off year. Jackson was the doggy that Jared, Jaden and Jacey have all worn--sometimes more than once. Jacey was a witch again but I did splurge for some green makeup. Jaden was a pirate and Jared was Darth Vader.
We went to to a potluck and trunk or treat party at the park. My mom was worried that Jackson would wander off at the park or get hit by a car, so she took him to her house. That was fine by me. It was nice not to worry about him and he got to go trick or treating with just grandma and grandpa in their neighborhood.

John is still sporting a beard for the stake play that is THIS weekend, so he went as the unabomber. Posing with Shane Hanna.

All clean after a night of fun. Next up, Thanksgiving!!