Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lola Update

This is Lola on Easter. Well, I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since we brought Lola home. I was sure she was a goner by week two. We still have her though- making it day to day. She is actually growing on me a little. The first month was HARD! Between the pee accidents and the seemingly constant crying of certain kids John and I were both ready to find another home for her. Jackson had to be watched at all times in the backyard with her due to her jumping on him and pushing him down. I counted 19 scratches on Jackson's arms by the end of week ONE. BUT she has way mellowed. Seriously. I don't know if it's because she has gotten used to us or we have gotten used to her, but the crying has stopped. The kids actually all LOVE her and the first thing Jackson says when he wakes up in the morning is "Yo-ya!" I can even leave Jacey and Jackson in the backyard with her with no worries!!!! Good dog! My only complaint, and it's kind of a big one, is that she discovered the next door neighbor dog (a datsun) and is CONSTANTLY digging holes for the little dog to come in our yard! Sometimes she digs the hole big enough for her to get into their yard. It's driving me a little batty! Especially because the neighbor's dog is a yappy dog and Lola hardly ever barks. And she's technically not suppose to be around other dogs until after her last set of shots in 3 weeks. We are going to try and come up with an inexpensive way to block her from doing this. Bricks lining the fence? Pavers? I DON'T want to spend a ton a money getting cement poured under the fence between the two yards. She is way spoiled though and seems really smart. Between the kids, she is getting WAY too many treats!

She has gained 10 pounds in less than 6 weeks! From 18 lbs to 28 lbs! She's only 3 months old!
She was posed in the back of the dump truck--it was so cute! We took a close up of it but I accidentally erased it off my camera. :(
She can't go on a walk until June (after shots) so this is her exercise for now!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter 2009 Pictures--
Silly one

Grandma Johnson bought Jacey a new dress--Here are some Jacey overload pictures.

Jared giving himself Bunny Ears
The Parents
We had Easter Dinner at my parent's house with my mom, Jeremiah, Heather, Jen and Morgan. This is before the hunt.
We let Jackson out first-he let out of bunch of "WOWs"
He was happy with just one egg.
We forgot our baskets so they used grocery sacks.

Best Cousins

Another Day Trip

We took another trip on the Saturday before Easter to Porter Ranch (Simi Valley). Last fall, during election time, I came across the blog of a pastor of a big Mega Church in Porter Ranch, CA--Shepherd of the Hills. I liked the things he was saying about the election issues. I bookmarked it and have gone back to it every so often. I noticed that the church was putting on a passion play for Easter. We decided to take the boys and go last Saturday. We stopped at Wendy's at the Lyons Exit on the way down.

We had 5th row seats. The play was really well done. The singing was AMAZING! Being in another church was a little different for our kids, but I thought it was good to expose our kids to people of a different faith than ours that celebrate Christ's life and resurrection like we do.

waiting for it to start

in front of the church- BIG crowd!

Eating at Chuy's on the way home

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day Trippin

We had Easter Break here in Bakoland last week. Easter break is not really a break for John--he graded papers non stop from Friday before break until Wednesday (can't wait till May when he gets a real break!) Finally on Thursday, we decided to go to Ventura for the day. The weather was great and we had a fun time!We played at the playground on the beach first thing.

Then down to the beach.
Jacey and Jaden are the only ones who ventured into the water.
Jackson who is scared of pretty much nothing was scared of the ocean. He clung to either John or me the whole time while close to the water.

The water was COLD.

John made some kind of weird shrine.
Here it is.
They found a lady bug and worried about it surviving the beach. They made a home for it.
You can see it close up in this one.

After the beach, we made our way to the harbor.
Jacey wanted to be the mermaid.
So did Jared

Had to get one of Jackson- who was missing his nap and starting to show it.
At the arcade
After the arcade, we ate at a yummy fish restaurant and then went home. We had to stop at one of the produce stands on the way home and get some fruit, nuts and candy. We left Lola the dog at home in the backyard with my mom checking on her and feeding her. We came home to our screen sliding door all ripped out. Lovely! We had a fun time though! Need to spend some more time at the beach this summer!