Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pismo Beach

We got to spend a long weekend at the beach thanks to my parents. They rented an awesome beach house/condo (4th year in a row) in Pismo Beach, CA. This house is awesome. It's kind in a weird location- attached to a restaurant and mall but what a view. It has a hot tub and it's own private stairs to the beach. No loading up and walking or driving to the beach. A few steps and you're there. We got to do lots of fun stuff : Splash Cafe (yummy), playing on the beach, going to the interesting toy store, trip to the farm on the way to Avila, walk the pier, fish on the pier (Papa and Jared). The weather was perfect. So much nicer than Bakersfield weather at the end of July.


This backdrop is a wall size window in the condo- this is the view from the livingroom. Wow!

Here's another view- John sleeping on the couch

Mommy and Jackson

Jaden in the water

Jackson loved it!
My sister's daughter- Joanna

Jackson getting dirty

This was after Tyler's Birthday Party- they found this hole

Action shot

Swings with a view
Sweet boy

This was weird- one evening thousands and thousands of birds swarmed around the water by the pier. I have never seen anything like this before. Maybe they were feeding??

You can probably see it better if you enlarge it.

Jaden on the pier

Jared- he is looking so grown up

Daddy and Daughter
I love this picture

Grandma feeding Jackson back at the condo

Is it time to go back??

Jackson the Piano Wonder

The other day I walked into the dining room and found this. The kids had pinned Jackson into the piano and he was having a grand time. Jackson loves the piano and this is a safe way for him to play it as long as we wants.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Zollingers + Harts = FUN

I love this picture! Look at the length of Jake's tongue. woa! I went on my first mom-and-ALL-4- kids-without-Dad trip last week. We went to Long Beach to visit our great friends the Zollingers whom we have missed since our move to Bakersfield FOUR (how time flies!) years ago. I was mostly worried about Jackson and how much crying he'd do and how much sleeping he would do, but he was great. Made me more hopeful and optimistic about our two trips coming up -- one to the beach and one to Utah. The kids had a great time playing and I had a great time talking and hanging out. We have to do it again soon.
When we are with the Zollingers, we have to have Jeanette braid Jacey's hair (and mine). She is the only girl out of the seven kids, so we have to play beauty shop with her. I love french braids. I need to really concentrate and learn how to do them, especially as tight and great looking as Jeanette's.


We went to the park for a picnic lunch

Jeanette and Jackson

The park had some water spray toys. Jacey is waiting for a bucket of water to fall down on her.

Jaden and Spencer wait for the same thing

After, warm and cozy in a towel.

Elijah -- the only child who was fully dressed and didn't want to get wet that day.


Back at the house - The Zollingers have a Chocolate Lab and my kids are crazy afraid of dogs; have been like that since birth, although I think it's getting better. The first day we got there, Jacey needed an escort as she moved around the house, Jaden stood far back whenever Oliver moved around, and Jared hid in the bathroom. By the 2nd day Jacey and Jaden warmed up to Oliver and were even asking to let him in. Jared was still hiding in the bathroom. The only one that was NEVER afraid of the dog was Jackson. He is our first kid not to be crazy scared of animals. He could totally be on the ground playing and Oliver would walk by and it didn't even faze Jackson. He loved him. Jackson would also chase the cats around trying to grab them. This is a definite first for the Hart Family.
Happy Baby

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Swimming

We have been having a great summer. We have gone swimming a lot thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Hart. They provided the kids with private swim lessons. The kids did a great job. Jared is learning his strokes, Jaden can now dive and Jacey can swim without any floaties. She's only 3, so I think that's great! We have tried to get over there and swim as much as possible. Here are some pictures from one time we were over there.
I just love this boy. He absolutely LOVES the water. He splashes the second he gets in and continues to splash the WHOLE time. He's got an awesome dolphin kick too.
Jackson doesn't like this raft so much. He can't really reach the water. He much prefers just being held in my arms so that he can splash easier.

Jared playing with the camera

Cute chunk

Posing Jacey

Jaden trying out Jackson's raft

Jared has a fear of diving. John was trying to teach him this way. He would dive off John's head.

Swimming is so fun

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And a Funeral

Virginia Mary Ross Hart
July 23, 1921- July 1, 2008
This is the last picture I think we took of Grandma Hart. This was a few days after Jackson was born. John's Grandma,Virginia Hart, died on July 1, 2008. She lived a long, wonderful life and was ready to go. She was ready to be reunited with loved ones that departed before her. We got to see her the day before she passed. I'm so glad that we got that chance. She was able to talk to us in a whisper and she even played handsies with Jackson. She was a great grandma and took pride in her kids, grandkids and great grandkids. We will miss her.
I didn't take many pictures at the actual funeral. Too bad. I did take this one of John, Lisa and Jackson

It was so hot outside. The kids were running around the cemetary and found a sprinkler to play in.

Our kids love their cousins
Jacey, Emma, Isaac, Jared and Jaden

The boys
The girls
Lisa fixed Emma and Jacey's hair the same and they got lots of compliments at church.
Mia, Isaac and Jared after the funeral with Jaden looking on

Jacey and Kieralyn playing Grandma's organ
Hanging out the night before the funeral.
Kenny, Saya and Grandpa
Mari, Grandma and Lisa
Jackson at the cemetary
We visited and took flowers to Grandpa and Grandma Beebe's graves