Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arrow of Light

Jared received his Arrow of Light- Cub Scouting's highest honor.

The Bishop discussed the parts of an arrow and each boy received his very own arrow. Very cool! He is happy to move onto the 11 year old scouts, especially because I won't be his leader anymore.

Our First Visit

We decided kind of last minute to go to Utah for our 2 week Christmas break. I then proceeded to invite ourselves to people's houses. Our first destination was the Hamblins in good 'ol Hooper, Utah. Jacey was in heaven. She LOVES her cousin Emma.
The boys hanging out.

Jackson kept busy.

Our kids were so excited to see, feel, play with SNOW.

It was so cold. Too cold.
We went sledding across the street at a park. The kids had a great time and the adults did too, except for me. Jackson and I lasted only about 30 minutes. It was WAY too cold.

Jackson liked sledding too. Here he is falling off. He didn't cry, just got back up and went down again.
Me and Jackson and Lisa
We fell off.
The sad ending to our day. Lisa was encouraged by John to go standing on a skim board (used on the ocean) down the hill. She made it to the bottom and then fell off. She broke her wrist really really bad. That ended our sledding day. She spent the rest of the day in the ER. She ended up having to have surgery on her wrist. They had to put in a 3 inch metal plate connected to her bones with bolts. She broke it way bad. Poor girl. She was such a good sport. She still managed to stay up late with us to party.

Christmas 2009

Before we left for Utah, we had a party at my parent's house. The kids, of course, had to act out the nativity.

Jackson dressed like an angel for about a minute.

Cute angels

Mary and the angel/camel
Jaden's present from Grandpa and Grandma

We were in Utah for the actual Christmas day at Grandma Simpson's house. Jacey got a new robe.
Jared was excited about video games.

That night, we ventured out in the cold cold COLD weather to visit temple square. It was seriously like 8 degrees, but I was determined our kids would see it lit up.

The Hamblins met us there. Jared and Isaac.

Unfortunately, because it was Christmas, all the buildings closed at six. We got there at 5:45 PM and that meant we couldn't' go into a building for shelter. We didn't last very long outside. Maybe 20 minutes.
Our family bundled up. Check out my bright $7 boots Lisa found for me in Walmart.

The whole group

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jazz Game and 15!! Years

A highlight to our Utah trip was when we got to attend a Utah Jazz basketball game. We had amazing front row floor seats and had an amazing time. SOOO fun! I have to throw in that we celebrated our FIFTEEN year anniversary while were in Utah and even got to spend a night away from the kids.
The Jazz Bear warming up the crowd before the game.

Andrei Kirilenko

It's so fun to sit so close and to be able to hear what they are saying throughout the game.

We were really close to the visiting team- the Philadelphia 76ers- a man behind us had a great time heckling one of their players all night.
This is the first night Kyle Korver played after being out with an injury.
Handsome guy!

Here's a video of a Jazz basket. I can't wait to go again!! It is seriously the best time ever!

Deer Valley

We got the chance to visit Deer Valley while we were in Utah. Great fun! Here's Jackson ready for some sledding.
Cute boy!

John was beyond thrilled to go skiing for two days. He had such a blast. Here he is gearing up. I didn't get a picture of him actually skiing though.

John took the next two pictures while he was skiing.
Pretty white stuff.
The cool thing was once the ski resort closed the kids could use the ski run in the backyard for sledding. Here they are hiking up the hill.
Jacey had no fear.
Jaden zoomed down the hill.
Jared and Karly or Ariana.
Jaden posed with cute raccoon.
I stepped out on the deck to snap a picture of the skiers.
They had lots of playtime with cousins and LOTS of toys to play with. Couldn't get Karter to smile.

Jackson checking out the winter wonderland. We had the best time ever! Thanks Roneys!