Saturday, February 21, 2009

Picture Day

Nothing much has been going on around here lately. Just school, work, church, sick kids etc. Jacey had picture day the other day and I snapped a couple of cute pictures of Jacey and her friend Walker. They'll be going to Kindergarten together next year.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Student of the Month- February

Jaden was student of the month and was honored at an assembly at school. And this time he was present (last time he was in the office sick during the presentation). His teacher said lots of nice stuff about him. He is a great student! yay!
Grandma came to watch

It was kind of dark in there and I don't know what was up with the flash. I need a new camera. Badly! Here's a short clip of what the principal said about him. Again I need a new camera.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Snow

We have been promising our kids we'd take them to see snow for 2 years now. We attempted to about 2 years ago and it was too warm and there was no snow, so we went to the beach instead. I don't know what happened last year- maybe new baby- but anyway- we finally made the trip last Saturday. We decided to go to Alta Sierra aka Shirley Meadows to do the tube park. The kids were thrilled as we were going up the hill--yelling and screaming in excitement about the snow.
Having fun in the parking lot.

It was a super warm day- jackets were off in a few minutes.

So we all bought tickets to do the tube park. I was happy to watch from the sidelines but John made me buy a ticket too. After one time down the hill (which I didn't get pictures of) Jacey hated it and both John and I said "I don't want to go again either." I told John to go in and see if he could exchange our 3 tickets for a ski pass. I thought Jared and Jaden would happily ride for awhile- the tickets lasted for 2 hours. So John goes and does that and next thing I know Jared and Jaden are finished with the tubing after only 20 minutes. Nice. Since John was all geared up to go skiing, I told him to go and the kids played in the snow. Jared happily worked on making a snowball.
He carried it around everywhere we went. Think "Wilson" in Castaway.
Eventually it go too big and he couldn't carry it anymore
This is me trying to cut the kid on the left out of the picture, but he wouldn't let me.
John was happy to go skiing. The skiing is pretty lame if you are used to good skiing (Utah). But it was still fun for him I guess. It's been awhile. It's pretty much a beginner's run.

It's no Deer Vally. You take the lift up and then ski down real quick.

Well we can check that off our list. Made me want to visit Utah and see some real snow.